Residential Elevator Installations

Take your home to the next level – no pun intended – with the installation of a residential elevator. This not only adds luxury and value to your home, but also enhanced convenience and increased mobility. At Tabor Design Build, we are the residential elevator experts with more than 20 years experience in custom home remodeling throughout the Maryland and DC area. With our residential elevator services, the sky’s the limit!



Although a residential elevator may seem like an extravagance suited for penthouse suites, it absolutely provides a plethora of benefits that most homeowners would find beneficial to the daily routine of the household. This includes:


  • Enhanced convenience: Don’t worry about lugging heavy or bulky items such as groceries, laundry, sports equipment, furniture or firewood up the stairs ever again. The same goes for young sleepy children, too!
  • Add value to your home: That may just give your home the edge should you decide to sell in the future.
  • Increased mobility: Are you or someone in your family facing mobility challenges? A residential elevator can effectively solve the challenge of navigating staircases, allowing elderly homeowners or those with limited mobility to continue living independently without the need to relocate or move into an assisted living situation.

Maximized space: If you’re planning an addition or even the construction of a new home, an elevator takes up one quarter of the space of adding a new staircase – roughly the same size as a standard closet. This allows you to use the additional square footage for other rooms or to design an open-concept space.

The Way We Work



We have a reputation for superior customer service, craftsmanship and quality. We partner with Custom Elevator Company, one of the most trusted residential elevator manufacturers in the industry. Our team at Tabor Design Build combines our aesthetic expertise, the cutting edge innovation of Custom Elevator and your unique requirements and style to design and build the ideal home elevator for your home.


3D Visualization Brings Your Elevator to Life


Our experts will sit down with you to plan and visualize your home’s new elevator using innovative 3D computerized software. Here you can select the correct style, size and placement of your residential elevator before any physical constructions begins.


A No-Nonsense Process

When you choose Tabor Design Build, rest assured there would be no added fees or unexpected expenses. We provide you with an up-front final cost – rather than an estimate – that includes materials and fixtures. We work according to a precise and tight schedule to minimize disruption to your daily routine and have your residential elevator installed quicker than the industry average.

Want to know more about adding increased convenience and luxury to your home? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today or setup a no-obligation, consultation to learn more about the installation of a residential elevator in the Maryland and DC area.

Thinking about an elevator installation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today or setup a no-obligation, free consultation.