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Essentially, this describes a fully self-contained home built on the same plot of land as the primary dwelling. They were originally intended to accommodate aging parents – as the name indicates – but can also be used for adult children, nannies, or caregivers to the elderly. They are often constructed from converted garages, but can also be newly constructed from the ground up.


Whether the unit is intended to house an aging parent or for another purpose, it provides a number of benefits such as:

  • Adds value to your home: In terms of return on investment, a granny flat addition is one of the best assets you can build to increase your home’s overall value. This can also be relatively inexpensive compared to major renovations within the original structure that require knocking down walls or other structural changes.
  • Provides an affordable space for aging parents: As family members age, it’s increasingly important to keep the home well maintained and preserve the social connections they are accustomed to. Challenges due to health, mobility or limited income may make living in their own residence prohibitive. Adding a granny flat to your home can be one solution to these problems. As well, if you compare the costs of a retirement facility, a granny flat is a more cost-effective solution that will keep your loved one close.
  • Generates rental income: Should you decide to rent out the unit in the future, this can be a valuable source of income. Compared to purchasing an entirely separate unit, a granny flat is more convenient and easier to maintain.
  • Maximizes existing space: Adding a separate unit will provide the extra space your family needs – whether it’s for a relative, yoga studio, storage or home office – without infringing on your current livable area.

You can rest assured that we will guide you through each step of the process. This includes researching zoning and licensing requirements in your jurisdiction and ensuring your build is completed in strict accordance with the law. We will provide you with an upfront final cost of the entire project and our project manager will walk you through the completed project to make sure each detail is according to your vision.

The amenities of a modern home:

As a granny flat is considered a self-contained dwelling, it will have all the modern conveniences of a larger single-family home, but on a fraction of the space. You can customize the layout, type of appliances and facilities or even install high-tech monitoring capabilities such as timed medication dispensers.