Endless Pool Installation

What Is an Endless Pool?

An endless pool is a one-of-a-kind machine that allows you to enjoy a swimming pool experience without the costs, time and other headaches associated with a traditional pool. The endless pool generates a current you can swim against for exercise and enjoyment.

An endless pool can be installed almost anywhere indoors or out and requires a minimal amount of space when compared to a traditional pool. As a result, endless pools have become exceedingly popular and people of all ages use them year-round.

Increase Your Home’s Value with an Endless Pool

An endless pool ensures could prove to be an investment that delivers both immediate and long-term returns for homeowners. It may help increase a home’s value by up to seven percent, and there are many reasons why an endless pool could help your residence stand out from others, such as:

A home with an endless pool is sure to impress in any neighborhood. You can install an indoor endless pool to differentiate your house from similar residences in your area. In addition, an endless pool may help your house generate interest from home buyers.

You can swim and relax when the weather is cold. For homeowners in Maryland, DC and other areas with cold climates, an indoor endless pool will enable you to swim, relax and keep warm year-round.

You can revamp your backyard. If you have empty space in your backyard, a custom endless pool will allow you to optimize the area.



A Closer Look at Endless Pool Options

Many endless pool options are available, and some of the top choices are modular. These pools feature a compact design and include full temperature controls and multiple swim current options. Endless pools often serve as modular exercise and therapy pools.